Penjii Protects the planet is our mobile game that aims to teach players how to save their planet! The game is a result of an Erasmus+ project with partners from Austria, Croatia, Ireland and Spain all working together to promote Green Skills.


The project will develop a digital game, along with associated guidelines, good practice guides and training material to innovate and support improvements for students, and teachers and others within primary and secondary school systems– specifically in the areas of sustainability and environmental education. The primary project result will be a game, aimed at delivery of the afore-mentioned skills and knowledge through a Game-Based-Learning methodology, which will serve concurrently as a tool for teaching, simulation, practice and assessment. Consortium Partners: Co-ordinator: Cork Institute of Technology, IRELAND (IE) FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences, AUSTRIA (AT) Caped Koala Studios, UNITED KINGDOM (UK) Prospektiker, SPAIN (ES), Pins, Croatia (HR).


  • 4 fun levels exploring different environmental issues and resolutions.
  • In Level 1: Penjii is running across the ice dodging obstacles both man made and natural while cleaning up the oil barrels.
  • Level 2: After the cold, Penjii heads to the beach to enjoy the sun and sea but the plastic in the sea is overwhelming!
  • Level 3: Penjii heads to the big city to make sure the problem hasn't spread! There's litter everywhere! Learn about how to build a sustainable city and pick up the recyclable bottles along the way!
  • Level 4: Penjii makes it to a cozy home, where he picks up old light bulbs to encourage the use of their LED equivalent. Dodge through every room in the house and revive Penjii with your knowledge on keeping a green home.


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We're delighted to announce the release of Penjii Protects the Planet.

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Cork Institute Technology
FH Joanneum